Adapting the materials of international patent applications to the norms of national legislation when entering the national phase

Having extensive experience and knowledge of the special terminology of a given industry and its linguistic features, we have developed an additional segment of the practice of preparing applications for entering the national phase of a given jurisdiction, using a large and at the same time carefully selected team of highly qualified freelance reviewers, scientific consultants and linguists.


oil and gas
natural science
medical equipment
genetics and immunology
clinical research
mechanical engineering
ІТ technologies
legal documents

Features of our practice:

  • translators and scientific editors with PhD-level subject matter experts, familiar with patent law, at least 5 years of experience;
  • over 10 years of experience in subject  matter;
  •  a customized project management process supported by the software, which ensures timely delivery of materials ready for filing, checked by a patent attorney and/or lawyer;
  • excellent feedback from foreign partners;
  • a rigorous quality assurance process that includes three levels of quality control - scientific verification, pre-delivery accuracy check, and in-depth verification by the project manager;
  • capacity of 1 million + words per month;
  • competitive tariffs and package options
  •  customized CAT tools and glossaries for the client, which helps increase productivity, ensure consistency of terminology and differentiate rates for duplicates and fuzzy matches.