Industrial design

What should be protected:

  • design solutions;

  • form and type of packaging;

  • wares;

  • labels;

  • containers for food products;

  • bottles;

  • clothing elements;

  • furniture;

  • any other design solution that is valuable for your business, the exclusive use of which  may bring you profit and/or additional competitive advantages.

We will provide:


  • search for registered/filed for registration industrial designs containing similar essential features;

  • preparation of the application materials for submission (description of the sample in accordance with the requirements of the examination), as well as payment of the relevant fees;

  •  support of the proceedings prior to the issuance of the certificate;

  • protection of industrial design from unfair use by third parties: claims, assistance in termination of  infringement on the international markets;

  • development of a strategy for protecting industrial designs when selling goods on international marketplaces Amazon, Ebay.