Trademark Registration in USA

Advantages of trademark registration in the USA

70% of marketplace sellers face unfair competition, duplicate listings, and trolling.

You can file a complaint and get support from the selling platform only if you have the rights to the TM.

Including a brand in the Amazon Brand Registry provides additional benefits for sellers, but it is only possible on the basis of a valid trademark registration or application for registration.

Many entrepreneurs face the fact that they enter the U.S.A market with a brand (trademark) that is owned by third parties. Claims by rightholders often force rebranding and cause significant costs. A preliminary clearance search  to determine brand availability  in the United States will help you minimize such risks on a budget, and further registration of the trademark with the USPTO will provide protection against unfair actions of competitors as well as basis for obtaining Brand Registry enrollment.


Our services include:

  • Consultation to understand your needs and develop brand protection strategy;

  • search for conflicting registrations (This service can be ordered separately for $150 (equivalent in UAH));

  • development of a protection strategy within the brand portfolio;

  • forming a list of goods and services to meet the requirements for filing at a reduced rate;

  • preparation of proof of trademark use in the United States;

  •  responding to formal requests from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office during the trademark registration process.


The cost of our service is $500 + $250 (equivalent in UAH) state fee for each class of goods and services

Filing a response to a request from the USPTO under the national procedure, or to a preliminary refusal received as a result of examination of an application for the extension of an international registration to the territory of the United States under the Madrid Agreement.


Cost: from $300 (equivalent in UAH) (depending on the complexity of the request)

Preparation and filing of the document in accordance with the requirements of the US Patent Office.

Cost: $300 (equivalent in UAH)

Filing the necessary declarations (Section 7, Section 8, Section 9) with the USPTO and renewal of trademarks between the 5th and 6th years and between the 9th and 10th years of registration.


Cost:  $450 (equivalent in UAH)

Registration of the transfer of trademark rights in the United States. If you sold the mark you will need to record the transfer of rights with the USPTO.


Cost:  $350 + $50 (еквівалент у грив equivalent in UAH) for each extra TM

Resolving conflicts with competitors

Resolving conflicts with competitors within the framework of proceedings in the USPTO through the following tools:


  • objections to the application - Letter of Protest : $350 (equivalent in UAH) for our services + $50 (equivalent in UAH) official fee;

  • canceling a conflicting registration if it interferes with your mark: $750 (equivalent in UAH) for our services + $600 (equivalent in UAH) official fee;

  • objections to the published application: $750 (equivalent in UAH) for our services + $600 (equivalent in UAH) official fee;

  • removal of the conflicting mark from the register for non-use, negotiations and agreements on coexistence with the owners of conflicting registrations,: $750 (equivalent in UAH) for our services + $650 (equivalent in UAH) official fee.